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Starting as a teen, Traci appeared as a regular on a local cable series for three year and has continued to be involved with the entertainment industry in one form or another. In 2005, she joined SAG-AFTRA and worked on films from The Fisher King (with Robin Williams), Silver Linings Playbook, Lovely Bones, How Do You Know and many others in between. TV series have included small parts on shows airing on CBS, NBC, PBS, and the History Channel. Check out her IMDb page for more. (Fun side-note, she was seen on the 2013 Academy Awards when the clip she was in in Silver Linings Playbook was used for Jennifer Lawrence's nomination). She created, produced, hosted, and edited two web-series, Morbid Curiosity and Compelling Women and has hosted three podcasts over the years as well as filmed and edited short, educational videos for museums and historic sites. She has written and edited screenplays and scripts and is currently working on writing a Thriller screenplay, a Victorian thriller series, and a comedy series. 

Outside of the entertainment industry, Traci has a background in wildlife and travel photography (with 2 published photography books), archaeology,  and has worked at numerous museums in the US and in the UK. She has also dabbled in the world of the paranormal due to her involvement with historic sites and helped set up the highly successful paranormal program at Fort Delaware and co-starred on Ghost Detectives as the historian.

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