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My Top YouTube Ambience Channels

The covid pandemic has changed us. It has changed how we view others, how we function, how we shop, how we work, and, even, how we watch TV. Before covid, I would usually turn on the usual suspect channels for background noise such as HGTV or Discovery. Then I got rid of cable for streaming instead and lost those channels. Not a big deal until work from home became the norm for so many in 2020. Sure, Pluto has some great 24 hour stations of favorite shows for background but they can still be distracting. Then a co-worker introduced me to the wonders of the ambiance videos. It's the serenity of sitting in a coffee shop with gentle jazz but without the talking and loud blenders or it's sitting by a lake with birds and even a campfire without leaving the comforts of home. Whatever your mood, you can find it on YouTube.

*A side-note, many of these channels have started interrupting their 2-11 hour streams with commercials that you can easily skip through.

For the coffee shop lovers:

Coffee Shop Ambience - This channel offers a wide variety of videos to work by from home. There are indoor and outdoor scenes in all seasons. Want to sit at an outdoor cafe in France? They have it. Do you prefer a quiet, snowy evening indoors? Yep, they have that, too. Their smooth jazz is perfect for all working environments.

Jazz Coffee Shop - For evening lovers, Jazz Coffee Shop may be your channel. Their videos tend to be evening related with both indoor and outdoor settings. As with Coffee Shop Ambience, their jazz music is generally even-toned so it's ideal for background.

For nature lovers:

Virtuscapes - A collection of nature oriented videos without music, just the sounds of crackling fires, birds, water lapping at the beach, or a windy blizzard howling. Most are dusk or evening oriented but there are also some nice daytime ones at the beach, lakeside, or inside a cabin with a large window. A great option for those who get distracted by music.

The Alley of Ambience - Another nice collection of nature-based videos very similar to Virtuscapes. They offer a nice variety of outdoor porch surroundings to help you escape from the indoors.

Depends on my mood:

The Dead of Night - If you're like me and have a strong Wednesday Addams side, this is *the* site for you. The videos have mystical music with a witchy tone to them. They will also include alternate versions of a video without music at times so you can choose based on your mood.

My Tranquilitee - Want to run away and relax on a tropical beach with palm trees and calming waves? My Tranquilitee is your channel. Most of the videos here are real images on a loop for hours so it's like you're in the Caribbean without the flying. A perfect escape for any beach lover.

These are just some of the channels I subscribe to but once you find one you'll soon find yourself down the ambience video rabbit hole and you may never escape.

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