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It's Been Awhile

So last I posted, I had quit the toxic job from hell. I found another job two weeks after that seemed ideal. It was not. Now, picking up where I last left off.

Screenwriting. It seems everyone has an idea, the most amazing story ever to hit the screens and ideas of how easy it is to write a series or movie. You just type the words and it all magically transforms itself. If only.

Realistically, every story has already been told in one form or another so no base of any story is original. What becomes original is how it's told, the new take on an old plot, and the characters and how they connect with each other as well as the audience.

My co-writer and I, in continuing the series I had begun years ago, started adding our own work experiences into the plot, a normal thing for any writer of any format to do. Some work, some don't and while we laughed for hours at how we got our revenge against a horrific boss or co-worker, ultimately it was necessary to take a step back and look at it as someone who didn't have the inside information and adjust accordingly, which is a shame, especially when a reference to Norman Bates is so true in one particular instance. I would love to say that changing one seemingly small idea is easy and takes just a moment. Sometimes that's true but many times that one change turns into a rewrite of a whole storyline or takes the story in a different direction that planned and can take hours or days to redo.

Right now we're just trudging along, even if it's only for an hour a week or so, in between work and vacations and life. Soon. Very soon.

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