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A New Journey

We've all been there. A job we hate, a toxic workplace, enough of putting up with entitled customers. Whatever the situation, we've all reached that point where it's time to move on to something else.

The pandemic changed the world in many ways but few as noticeable as the work environment. Working from home became a necessity and, in many cases, the new normal. As covid began to subside, employees started demanding people return to the office only to find that many had no desire to, per this CNBC article.

Production increased with remote work, the home-work life began to balance out, and people were much happier as a whole. That did not stop the push for return to in-person. What surprised management was just how many people decided to quit their jobs and find remote careers or look for something that offered at least a hybrid option.

Another thing happened. Many people started their own businesses. Patreon sites grew, podcasts of all topics emerged overnight. With the growing demand of back to the office, I've joined the millions who have opted to not do so, which has resulted in yet another path that I've dabbled in but never fully pursued, screenwriting.

Yeah, yeah, everyone wants to write, which is fair, but you don't know if you don't try. So thus begins the new adventure. It's a series I had started years ago when working at an art museum to deal with the stupidity. It went on hold until I started at another museum with even more stupidity and, thankfully, met a co-worker who has become my co-writer.

We have very little idea what we're doing but does anyone ever really know what they're doing half the time? But as the old cliche goes, you don't know if you don't try. So be sure to check back for updates and downdates and everything in between on how this is going. But, it's cheaper than therapy.

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